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Bag the Bottle! Mobile Wine Pouching Service

Wine Service Type: Bottling Services
Company Name: Off The Vine
City / Location: Franktown
State / County: VA
Country: USA
Expire on: 30.Jan.2014

Service Details

Bag the Bottle! New Alternative Wine Packaging Service.
Is your wine ready for bottling? Why not POUCH instead?
Great for Wineries and Consumers, with many advantages vs. glass bottling
•Eco Friendly-Takes less space, makes less waste!
•No Glass-Great for the beach, pool, camping, parks and more!
•Weighs Less-easier to carry and store!
•Chills Faster-14 minutes in pouch vs. 40 minutes in glass!
•Lasts longer-will last up to a month or more after opening!
•Costs less than glass bottling!
Call 757-918-9463 (WINE)

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