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Wine Service Type: Winemaking Services
Company Name: American Winesecrets
City / Location: Sebastopol
State / County: CA
Country: USA
VIP till: 2014-03-09 11:50:09

Service Details

Wine Just in Time, at your place or mine.... Winesecrets offers Services at your Winery or at our Drop-in Service Sites!.......

Reverse Osmosis: Must Concentration * Cross Flow Filtration: Wine Clarification * Taint Removal: Smoke Taint (brush-fire), Volatile Acidity, 4-Ethyl Phenol and Others * STARS: Tartrate Stabilization, pH Reduction, Calcium Removal * Alcohol Balancing: Alcohol Adjustment * Phenolic Concentration: Ultra Filtration, Hard-press recovery, Color removal from white wines.....

Contact Details

Company Name: American Winesecrets, LLC
Company Website:
Contact Person: Whitney Bishop
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 5888.656.5553
Fax: 6707.824.7905

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